Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The new Nathan

We have discovered several new things about Nathan the past few weeks. First off, let me say he has gotten to be quite the big boy. He weighs a little over 15 lbs now. I'm not exactly how long he is, but to give you an idea, he is pretty much in 6 month clothing due to his length. He is growing like a weed. The new Nathan does not like to get dressed. If this keeps going, I'm afraid he'll end up as a nudist. It's true. Baby boy does not like clothes. Now when you undress him to take a bath, he becomes the happiest baby. Giggling and cooing. The second the clothes come on, it's an all out war. He kicks and cries. The new Nathan does not like things over his head. For example, when putting on a onsie or playing peek-a-boo, Nathan will hold his breath until the onsie, blanket, or whatever is not over his head anymore. I've never seen a baby hold his breath before. Sure enough Nathan has mastered this skill. Maybe I have a future swimmer on my hands. The new Nathan is beginning to grow accustomed to tummy time. Though this lasts only a few moments, before he starts to cry. He is lifting his head a lot better to look around before the crying begins. The new Nathan does not like a paci anymore. I went from having a paci addict to one who does not want anything to do with it anymore. When he would get tired, I used to pop the paci in his mouth and he would fall asleep. Now, the minute I put it in his mouth he screams until he is nursed to sleep. Not a good habit I want to continue. I just don't know what else to do. The new Nathan is very vocal. He is a talker, and I love every minute of it. The new Nathan has stolen my heart and I turn to mush when he smiles!
Nathan's new trick is sitting in the bumbo chair

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