Saturday, November 14, 2009

Little things

It's the little things in life:
-Eating the swirl off the top of a Dairy Queen dip cone.
-Getting "kisses" from your little one
-Driving with the windows down on a blue sky filled day
-Belly laughing until it hurts
-Enjoying the company of family and friends
-Shopping with your mom and sister
-Watching as your child discovers something new
-Playing outside
-Watching your baby "kiss" your feet. (I have no idea why he feels he needs to do this, but it's funny nonetheless)
-Babies in pajamas that "breakdance" on the floor

-Seeing a hummingbird as it buzzes by

- Catching a re-run of your favorite childhood show

-Babies in sunglasses

-Date night with your hubby.

-Fresh flowers on your kitchen table

-Painting a picture and doing your best to create a masterpiece.

-Dancing with your loved ones at a wedding!

It's the little things in life that make me feel like this:

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  1. The entire post just made me smile. :) Love them all!