Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Maybe it's a phase

"It's just a phase."

I seem to tell myself this a lot lately.  It's just a phase. 

He won't scream like a banshee forever.  At least I hope not.  It's just a phase.

He won't spit out his food forever. It's just a phase.

He won't run from me when I try to give him kisses forever. . . or maybe he will.  Okay, so that may not be a phase but reality soon enough.

Well, I believe we have hit a new phase, folks.  A new era in our lovely household.

The kid hates when I sing to him.  And I mean HATES it!

I sing the Alphabet song. The Butterbean responds by screaming.

I sing the Itsy Bitsy Spider.  The Butterbean rebuttles by screaming.

I sing Michael Buble's Everything to him.  The Butterbean screams louder.

When did he begin to hate my singing?  I mean, I'm not that bad of a singer. Really folks, I'm not.  I actually have a pretty decent voice.

But seriously. The kid hates my singing.  (He used to love it.) It's just a phase right?

But the song that really puts him into a fit of, almost two year old, fury is the Six Little Ducks song.  Oh yes!  Fury comes over him.  He throws himself on the floor, kicking and screaming, tears coming from his little eyes.

Where did I go wrong?  Six Little Ducks is a great song.  I even do the motions and everything. 

Please, someone tell me it's just a phase. . .


  1. Isabelle was the SAME way. If you haven't seen the video I took of her when my mom was singing you would watch it. Here is a link to it on youtube.

    Now that Butterbean has hit this new phase you will probably no longer be able to enjoy church. If he is anything like Isabelle he will yell at you there too.